A Whole World of Candy Choices Awaits You

A candy shoppe is a unique wonderland for all senses. Amazing aromas, an impossible rainbow of colors, and an aura of human joy all come together there.

For many, the old-tyme candy store represents the most magical childhood memories. For families, it offers a chance to laugh, love and compare tastes in a way that transcends any generation gap.

Candyland is just such a place. If you want candy of the highest quality for any occasion or “just because,” there are no shoppes quite like ours.

Name Your Candy Pleasure: If It’s Good, We’ve Got It Here

Candy has become a metaphor for the best things in life. We talk of eye candy and ear candy—but the idea of actual candy evokes something unique in everyone. Are you a jelly bean fiend? Does salt water taffy trip your taste triggers like nothing else?

A visit to any of our family-owned, family-run Candyland shoppes in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Stillwater is sure to surpass your expectations. Our incredible selection of candies for every taste is just one thing that makes us special. You will enjoy:

  • Browsing to view, smell and taste a phenomenal selection of tantalizing candy products either made on site or purchased direct from the highest-quality candy makers in the world
  • Choosing from gum drops and other jelly candies, jawbreakers, licorice, candied nuts, jujus, suckers, gummi candies and just about every other candy type you can think of
  • Having your order filled by a fellow candy lover behind the counter—because we refuse to give in to the world of “self-serve convenience” at Candyland

Brighten Your Family Outing or Event With Timeless Candy From an Old-Tyme Shoppe

Candyland has been a fixture in Minnesota’s Twin Cities since 1932. Nearly 85 years later, our family continues to honor timeless tradition and give our all to make tastebuds of every vintage incredibly happy!

We would love to greet you at any of our stores, where your candy fantasy is certain to come true. We also offer a vast array of customized gift items and event options that include a visit from our 1915 Ford popcorn wagon. Call 651-292-1191 or contact us online anytime.