Party Bags

PARTY BAGSThe best party is a party with Chicago Mix(R)! How many people are you serving? How soon should you order? Let us guide you through the FAQ of buying popcorn in bulk.

What do people like best?

Our number one selling product is Chicago Mix(R), this is the most popular selection for bulk popcorn as well.

How much should we order?

A serving is considered by Candyland as a 2-3 cups of popped popcorn per person. Generally speaking, one pound of popcorn would be approximately 5 servings. However, the density of each popcorn flavor does vary. For example, one pound of regular seasoned popcorn is approximately three gallons in volume, whereas 1 pound of caramel corn is roughly one gallon in volume.  Below is a chart for you to be able to order the perfect amount of popcorn for your group and of course a little extra for yourself!

Here are the details if you were shopping for 35 servings of any one flavor:

Chicago Mix(R)     7lbs

Cheese Corn/White Cheddar    6lbs

Caramel Corn/Sea Salt Caramel Corn    8lbs

FlavoCrunch/Milk Drizzle/Dark Drizzle    12 lbs

Regular Seasoned Popcorn/Buttered Popcorn     4lbs

As you can see, the weights will vary based on the destiny of the product.

How soon should I order? 

We would like all bulk orders to come in about 3-5 days before the due date but we can also try to accommodate reasonable orders with a short notice. During the holidays we do ask that you plan as far in advance as you can, our production schedule does get pushed back between December 10th through Dec 26th, and during most popular national holidays.

How long does the popcorn stay fresh? 

During most of the year you can enjoy popcorn between within 10 days after purchase. We strongly encourage all popcorn lovers to keep popcorn in a cool dry place, sealed tightly. Humidity will affect your popcorn negatively, please try your best to keep the popcorn away from any possibility of exposure to humidity, during the summer we expect popcorn to last about 3 days.