Donation Requests

Candyland takes pride in serving the communities that serve us! Supporting the community & giving back to the community beholds the upmost importance to us. Due to high volumes of requests, we’ve laid out criteria for submitting requests to your charitable organization, group or benefit. 

If your event or organization fulfill the criteria below, please feel free to click the link to our contact page and submit a request. 

Necessary Criteria and questions for consideration:

  • Does your event involve youth in need?
  • Does your event or Organization support First Responders or Military?
  • Would a Candyland gift card make sense to your charitable request? 
  • Are you submitting a request (4) weeks prior to your event? In order to properly review requests, we need 4 weeks to review & respond. 
  • Requestor must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in a community in which Candyland is located

As much as we’d love to support each and every cause, we have to be selective in events and organizations that align with our mission & values. The following are specifics and situations in which we cannot fund at this time:

  • Sport Teams
  • Awards or prizes for a for-profit business/organization
  • Schools & Church Groups
  • Organizations that mission do not align with supporting Youth in need or Military/First Responders
  • Organizations that send letters in the mail
  • Multiple Requests for the same event

In 2020, Candyland pivoted our mission to charitable contributions to seeking out non-profit’s that we believe in that do good in the community. We are proud to say, because of your support, we’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars to organizations such as Hometown Hero Outdoors, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Children’s Museum of Minnesota, Operation 23 to 0, Camp Odayin and much more! 


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