About Candyland

Tradition Comes First, but There’s Always Something New to Try

The first Candyland store opened in downtown St. Paul in 1932, originally named Flavo Korn selling just popcorn and fudge. In 1938, Arnie Kelsey became the sole proprietor. In 1950, a line of candies and chocolates were added to the variety of treats and the shop was renamed ”Candyland”.

Arnie sold Candyland to Doug and Brenda Lamb in 1981. Doug began his employment with Candyland at 17 years old and was excited for an adventure in entrepreneurship keeping the nostalgia alive a true labor of love ever since. Today, we have three shoppes in all, including one in downtown Minneapolis and one in Stillwater. During your visit, you can count on discovering:

  • An incredible selection of popcorn, made with 100% natural ingredients, air-popped and cooked in copper kettles—featuring our world-famous Chicago Mix(R) popcorn
  • Deluxe and authentic hand-dipped chocolates made from scratch
  • Hundreds of top-quality varieties of old-fashioned, classic candies, jellies and sours, brittles and barks, licorice and other treats from the finest makers in the U.S.
  • Friendly, personal counter service to make certain that your order is exactly what you want