Special Occasions

The Finest Candy & Popcorn Enhance Any Special Occasion

Anytime is a good time for handmade, delectable treats, but your wedding party, holiday get-together, reunion or other event cries out for something truly special! At Candyland, we will embrace the opportunity to surprise and thrill your guests with concoctions they might never find or buy for themselves.

We are event specialists with decades of experience surpassing our beloved customers’ expectations. Here are just a few possibilities to make your day or night memorable for everyone:

  • We create custom, individual candy boxes that make extraordinary party favors. Many of our customers testify how thrilled their guests were with phenomenal products made and packaged to order.
  • Our popcorn, including our top-selling, proprietary Chicago Mix®, is simply legendary. You can order decorative popcorn tins that create pleasure and fabulous memories to share, or customized popcorn favor bags!

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Want One-of-a-Kind Wedding Treats? Party Coming Up? Let’s Make a Candyland Splash Together!

Luscious popcorn, candy and other special treats have become underrated for their appeal on special occasions. People can focus on a healthy diet 99 percent of their days and still cut loose and enjoy beautiful chocolate, caramel and other treats on a special day. Trust us: They’ll love our treats! They’ll remember the unbridled pleasure of biting into the finest sweet and salty products anywhere!

We Know How to Light Up Your Event With Unforgettable Flavors

Tastes create memories. Our team at Candyland can present an array of choices based on whether you are striving to please a diverse corporate group, your own extended family or any crowd of any size. How surprising do you want your party favors and gifts to be? Do you have a color palate or specific theme in mind?

Talk to us. There is nothing our candy-making family loves more than making special occasions unforgettable for you and your loved ones. Contact us online, call 651-292-1191 or, for a collaborative planning experience in a wondrous setting, stop by any of our four Twin Cities shoppes.