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Chicago Mix Review from Sue Britney stating that quote Rachel confirmed that it has arrived. Thank you so much. It's her favorite and makes the best gift. You are all the best. Link leads to larger image.

Customer Review stating quote Thank you for the great customer service, Brenda and Trisha! I know my kids will enjoy their Valentine's gifts! I ordered early so I could make sure you had the tart hearts. Thanks again! Elizabeth Henderson. Link leads to larger image.
Customer Review stating quote Dear Candyland team, omg! It is so goooood. Thank. you so much for the amazing service. Pam. Link leads to larger image.

Customer Feedback stating quote Thank you so much for everything that your team did to help us successfully get the eight Boo Boxes! We really appreciate your willingness to change from delivery to in-store pickup, and all of your helpful email communications that made things work so smoothly. Our six grandchildren (ranging from in age from 5 1/2 to 27) and our two "pretend" grandchildren (the sweet little kids who live across the street) will be very excited to receive their Boo Boxes and dive in! It was a treat for us to be inside your store again for the first time since the start of the pandemic. The wonderful smell of the candy and warm popcorn was a delicious reminder of all the happy times "before" and the ones that we sincerely hope are yet to come. Best wishes, John and Sue McKelvey. Link leads to larger image.

Customer Review stating quote Thank you! Hi Brenda and Lee, I personally wanted to thank you for the excellent service on processing my Valentine's Day gifts for my employees. I have received a lot of emails from employees thanking me for the Candyland popcorn, since it's their favorite and they miss going to the store. I would like to personally thank you for making the process so smooth on my end. And since I'm all about how the gift looks when it arrives, I'm giving you a huge thumbs up. It was so nice to open my box and see Valentine's Dat card sitting on top of the popcorn tin and your card underneath. And of course, the Chicago Mix is excellent. I'm enjoying some right now actually. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be calling on you in the future for more gift deliveries. Have a great rest of your week. Thanks, Susan Crosson, Human Resources Administrator. Link leads to larger image.

“I would like to personally thank you for making the process so smooth on my end.  And since I’m all about how the gift looks when it arrives, I’m giving you a huge thumbs up.”

Susan Crosson – Schegman Lundberg Woessner

Customer Review stating quote My team all received their popcorn and loved the tins! And you did a great job on the enclosure cards with grabbing the Pohlad logo (why didn't I think of that!!!). You made placing an order painless and I really appreciate all you did. Best customer service I've had in a very long time! End quote. Link leads to larger image.

“We tasted the Chicago mix and it is FANTASTIC! Thank you again for delivering to us, we appreciate it and you’ve made our event even better!
Have a great week!”


“Everything was ready on time, it was fresh, and our guests LOVED it! Thank you…!!”


POPCORN PLUS CHICAGO MIX(R)️ - link leads to Popcorn favor category of products.


“I wish I could take this place with me! Blows the other candystore in my hometown out of the water! Such a wide variety of chocolates to choose from, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered oreos, truffles, the list goes on and on and on… Such a wonderful place! And very competent and friendly staff! Even did a little something extra for my birthday!!”


Image of inside Candyland store


“My coworkers and I go at least every other week to treat ourselves to some delicious candy and/or popcorn. The staff is very nice and fast.  Being from Florida, I had never experienced Chicago Mix(R)️ popcorn before. It’s a game changer. Caramel, cheese and regular popcorn all in one? Yes please.  The candy is great too. Just an overall good place. A must go to while you’re downtown! Candyland is the Best!”


Image of Candyland popcorn tins.


“When I think of home, I can’t help but get wistfully nostalgic for Candyland. Going downtown to shop (and later work) at Dayton’s, eating at Forum’s, catching a movie at the Skyway and to top it off: Stopping at Candyland for some caramel corn and some almond bark.  I was last back in 2008, and I couldn’t believe that nothing much had changed In this tiny, narrow store that held such amazing rich goodies with an amalgam of aromas that could make you swoon. This is one memory of my beloved home town that still exists, and it makes me happy to see that it is as beloved today as it was 30 years ago. Lucky Minneapolitans!”


Inside Candyland Store

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We LOVED the caramel corn and it was a huge hit as our giveaway! The entire process from customizing our order to final pick-up was very easy (which was refreshing in the craziness of planning our event)!

Thanks again!

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“We love Candyland, especially the Chicago Mix(R)️, the almond bark and the variety of licorice. We are there weekly!”


“Love this candy shop! Fudge = amazing, snappers = delicious, licorice – can’t get enough and those are just a few of my faves. It’s an annual tradition for my family to come in and load up during the boys High School hockey tournament. We go home with enough to last a month – in reality it lasts a week.”




Pecan Snappers