Getting Married? Get Popcorn, Candy & the Best of Everything!

One of the biggest challenges when planning a wedding party is making sure that there will be something for everyone: young and old, cautious and adventurous. What better universal ice-breaker than sweet, luscious treats that appeal to all? A popcorn bar is a sensational idea. Guests will enjoy and treasure custom wedding-themed boxes filled with hand-stirred chocolates, caramels and candied nuts.

Sweet & Salty Favors for Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Occasion

Every wedding has an element of nostalgia. If you would like to accentuate those sentiments by bringing classic, old-tyme flavors your guests haven’t tasted for years to the party, we at Candyland can deliver. Consider that:

  • Chocolate is synonymous with love and passion. We make chocolate items that fulfill chocolate dreams the old-style way, hand-stirring and cooking every item to perfection. Will your guests most enjoy chocolate-covered cherries? Sea salt caramels? The possibilities are endless.
  • Popcorn should not be micro-waved, unless there is no other alternative. Introducing the best popcorn available in the Twin Cities to your wedding party or reception can make your celebration a sensation! At Candyland, we provide every popcorn option, including our signature Chicago Mix® and flavored popcorn balls.
  • Maybe you want to surprise guests with amazing candies selected for their quality from all over the world. Our more than 200 candy varieties span salt water taffy, hard candies, licorice and much more.

We Love What We Do and We Love Weddings—Let’s Do This Together!

If you’re still browsing here, you know you are in the right place. Don’t resist your wonderful impulse to make sensational tastes and flavors a part of your nuptial experience. Visit us at any of our four Twin Cities stores to talk through your ideas. If it works better for you, call 651-292-1191 or contact us online. We will make it happen, and you will be thrilled.