Fine Chocolates

Nothing Expresses Love, Gratitude or Shared Pleasure Quite Like Fine Chocolate

Charles Schultz, the creator of the beloved Peanuts characters and a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, has been famously quoted as saying:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Our Candyland family agrees wholeheartedly! That’s why we make wonderful, hand-dipped fine chocolate products from scratch at our Twin Cities stores. We also bring in chocolate directly from candy makers worldwide that we know provide the utmost in quality.

Chocolate Candy Should Light Up All Your Senses

The aroma of scratch-made, hand-dipped chocolate products is enough to bring many of our customers back to our shoppes time and again. While its unmistakable allure kept chocolate from ever falling out of popular favor, it has recently made a big comeback among food and health enthusiasts.

We are true believers in the powers of chocolate. Our array of chocolate products backs that up. Whether your taste leans toward dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, you will find products that exceed your expectations when you turn to us. Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Chocolate-covered cherries and pretzels
  • Chocolate covered caramels and peanut butter cups in several varieties
  • Chocolate fudge with or without nuts—and amazing Penuchi fudge as well
  • Chocolate bunnies for Easter or a whimsical gift any time of the year
  • Chocolate gift boxes that will delight the recipient every time

For Fine Chocolate, There’s No Place Better Than Candyland

Please don’t deny your craving or settle for off-the-shelf chocolate products that cannot measure up to homemade quality. We will lovingly put together a chocolate offering for your guests at any occasion. There’s no better way to start than by visiting a store in person, calling us at 651-292-1191 or contacting us online.