Chicago Mix®

Don’t Settle for Less Than Genuine Chicago Mix® Popcorn

Some impulses and ideas are purely golden. When Candyland co-owner Brenda Lamb first mixed our signature seasoned popcorn, caramel popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn in 1988, the result was magical.

Today our Chicago Mix® popcorn is a top seller and a taste sensation that brings devotees back again and again. Don’t be fooled: We own the trademark and have successfully defended it! Our product is authentic.


Try the Popcorn Concoction With No Rival

All our varieties of popcorn have their unique charms. We use only the finest, 100% natural ingredients and air-pop our corn and cooked to perfection. Visit any of our stores and you’ll get a glorious whiff of why that matters. We make our Chicago Mix® popcorn fresh all day long, stirred together for each customer right on site.

For many loyal Candyland customers, there is nothing quite as magical as this unique mix of fresh flavors. Is your mouth beginning to water at the thought of this salty, cheesy, caramel blend? You can enjoy it in a variety of ways, including:

  • Stop by any of our four Twin Cities locations and get a fresh, yummy bag to enjoy
  • Order our Chicago Mix®, regular popcorn or caramel popcorn in a decorative popcorn tin that makes an ideal gift and ensures freshness
  • Call 651-292-1191 or explore our full array of popcorn, chocolates, caramels and candy varieties available for online ordering.

Popcorn Lovers Unite! Seasoned, Cheese and Caramel Corn Together.

“You just have to try it!” “You can’t go wrong with the Chicago Mix!” We love hearing these comments from customers of all ages and backgrounds.

We knew we had something special with that first batch of our Chicago Mix® popcorn. Of course, we couldn’t know then that it would be our hottest-selling product nearly 30 years later.

Don’t deprive yourself of the real deal. Stop by or place your order today.