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How long does the popcorn stay fresh?

Most of the year we say that the popcorn stays fresh for around 5-7 days after purchase, in drier climates your popcorn will likely stay fresh for 7- 10 days . Hot and Humid summer months may accelerate the shelf life down to about 3 days. The best way to keep your popcorn fresh is to keep it in a cool dry place, sealed up very tightly. However, there is nothing wrong with eating fast and buying often! Please note that popcorn send in a tin from Candyland will have a 30 day shelf life is stored in a cool dry place.

What’s the most popular? 

Chicago Mix(R) is definitely our number one selling item. This Candyland EXCLUSIVE is the best way to enjoy a sweet and salty combination bursting with flavor.

Does Candyland sell anything Gluten Free? 

Yes, in fact we do have quite a few items that do not contain gluten as an ingredient that can be acceptable for a moderately gluten free diet. There is a chance that some gluten items may come in contact with other products, so we highly recommend sending an email inquiry if you have a significant intolerance, celiac disease, or an allergy to gluten while shopping at Candyland.

When can we expect our shipment to arrive?

We estimate between 3-5 business days for arrival. Some local shipments may arrive as soon as the following business day after the order is placed. During the month of December shipments may take 7-10 business days for arrival, please place your order accordingly.

How old do you have to be work at Candyland?

Due to the procedures and hours of operation the starting age for a potential Candyland team member is 16 years old. There are usually opportunities available at all locations to prepare for the holidays, for more information about employment with Candyland stop in to visit the store manager at the location you are considering.

How old is Candyland and who owns it?

Candyland was born in 1932 and was a short and sweet start- a partnership between two men which are responsible to starting this legendary St Paul favorite shop, things escalated quickly and ownership soon changed over to Arnie Kelsey. Over the years the company unfolded and Kelsey sold the business to a pair of high school sweethearts, Douglas & Brenda Lamb. Today in 2016 the Lamb couple has many family members running and working all 4 stores. They are happy to share the rest of the Candyland story with you, find out more about the history of Candyland! Pick up a copy of Candyland in the Twin Cities: Popcorn, Toffee, Brittle & Bark.