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This massive cluster is our take on the ever-popular “Rocky Road” flavor. Spongy marshmallows with chopped walnuts tossed in decadent chocolate.  Available in Milk & Dark Chocolate. Cannot Choose? Get some of both!
Take a bite of a Sour Peach for a burst of sour at first which fades into a familiar peach interior. These are a juicy summer treat that are great for snacking or a day at the park!


Milk chocolate covered potato chips! Sweet and salty at the same time. A delightful lightly salted crunch with a a smooth milk chocolate coat and delicious finish.

Almond Clusters

Perhaps the healthiest item in the chocolate case, these clusters are a huge boost for heart health, and they taste amazing. Roasted and salted almonds are hand-dipped into smooth chocolate for a classic nut and chocolate combination. Try them in milk or dark chocolate.
Our Butter Toffee Bars are a crisp crunch of sensational buttered toffee glazed with a smooth and full flavored milk chocolate.
Milk Chocolate Caramels: Nothing is more luxurious than sweet and sticky caramel coated in creamy milk chocolate. These sweet squares come with a thin dark chocolate drizzle over the top, and are delicious reward at the end of any day. Dark Chocolate Caramels: That first bite into a Dark Chocolate Caramel breaks the chocolate coating […]
Milk Chocolate Cherries: Let the sweet taste of creamy milk chocolate mix with the fresh fruity flavor of a sweet cherry in your mouth. Each bite of this delectable treat is a burst of flavor. Dark Chocolate Cherries: Pop one of these into your mouth for a bright and delicious treat. When bitten, the chocolate […]
Milk Chocolate: Enjoy the salty crunch of a pretzel mixed with a sweet coating of milk chocolate. A classic combination and a delicious snack! Dark Chocolate: A crumbly pretzel, evenly salted and perfectly baked, blends smoothly with rich dark chocolate in our Dark Chocolate Pretzels. These are the perfect size snack to enjoy as a dessert, […]