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The perfect gift for them or A simple snack for you!

Send loved ones, friends, or family this delicious snack pack full of Candyland’s CLASSIC FLAVORS of popcorn. The Classic flavors that started it all in 1932! The Classic Snack Pack includes three of our original 89+ year recipes. Our Classic Caramel corn, Classic Cheese corn, and our Classic Seasoned popcorn (Peanut oil, salt), With these three classics blended together we created the

Famous Chicago Mix® popcorn also included.

Bold, fun, & graphic packaging sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, along with a sense of fullness. Also available is our Deluxe Snack Pack, which includes our Chicago Mix® popcorn and a choice of other tasty options.  

To learn more check out this link about other fun and creative packages we have put together, perfect for anyone.

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