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National Super Hero Day Special!

Full Candyland LYM

Full Candyland LYM

National Super Hero Day is tomorrow! At Candyland, Kids (of all ages!) are our Super Heros that keep us motivated to continue to bring you the highest quality of treats & exceptional service!

Love Your Melon is a local apparel brand who donates 50% of its profit to its nonprofit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer. To learn more about Love Your Melon & to join them on National Super Hero Day, head to their Website

Celebrate National Super Hero Day with us by purchasing a Love Your Melon + Candyland POM beanie! These exclusive beanies for tomorrow (April 28th, 2017) only will be FREE to ship & will be accompanied by a One Pound bag of Chicago Mix(R)! Just make sure to ONLY have the LYM beanie in your cart at the time of Check out. 

Sweet Treats for Everyone!



It is no secret products from Candyland, such as Chicago Mix(R), make fans of Candyland rush back time & time again. Customers pop into the shop, call in orders or order online gifts for their families, friends, their own personal consumption (hehe) & some are purchasing for their employees or clients!

Have you considered offering delicious snack sized gifts to your clients? Offering the highest quality of treats to your team or clients is a sure bet to win over their hearts! Hear it for yourself from loyal customer Bill F. from our Stillwater Location:

Now that I’ve started gifting popcorn tins to my clients for the Holidays, they call year after year asking when they can anticipate their tin of Chicago Mix(R), Thank You Candyland!

Our philosophy at Candyland is have the upmost premier quality of ingredients to create the highest quality of products, and that shows! Thank you for sharing Sue from Wells Fargo:

You’re the best – in service AND especially in superior product.  We can never get enough Chicago Mix(R)!



On Sale Now!

Sanded Gummi Bunnies

Sanded Gummi Bunnies

Soft, Chewy gummies that’ll just Hop! right into your mouth! Six flavors (Orange, Lemon, Grape, Green Apple, Cherry, & Strawberry- Banana) so delicious, you’ve never thought Bunnies could taste so nummy! And the best part, They’re on sale before Easter! For a limited time, have these little Easter delights shipped to your front door or schedule a pick up in store for only $4.99 per pound!

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