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New Year Resolutions CAN Include Candyland!

New Year, New You? New diet plan or lifestyle change? Well, you’re in luck! This year there is no reason to 86 Candyland! Candyland offers a wide variety of products that come highly recommended to accommodate your new life style!



Air popped popcorn is one of the Healthiest and most popular Snack foods in the World, Yes! Thats

right, THE WORLD! Candyland’s popcorn all begins in our gas fired Air Popper then goes to either be season for Regular, Cheese or Caramel Popcorn. As much as we all love #ChicagoMix(R), Cheese or Caramel, they unfortunately do not fall under the Healthiest Snack category. But weighing in at only 31 Calories per cup, our Air popped popcorn is the perfect snack when you’re having those hunger urges!

Air Popped Popcorn Facts

  • Only 31 calories per cup
  • Popcorn is a Whole grain product
  • Contains an extremely high amount of Fiber
  • High in antioxidants
  • Contains many important Vitamins & Minerals

The sweetest part about these facts, all of them combined & factoring in that Air popped popcorn is a low calorie snack, EATING IN MODERATION COULD POSSIBLY HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS. Does it get much better?! So pop into Candyland to try our Air Popped Popcorn or the “Regular” which is lightly seasoned with Peanut Oil & a dash of Salt.


Another Great line of products Candyland offers is Nuts! Although we do not roast our nuts in house, nuts are a Savory treat sure to satisfy your Appetite! Candyland offers Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios & Peanuts you can enjoy on your journey of Wellness & Health!

Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Nutty Facts

  • Nuts offer a exceptionally large amount of Protein
  • Great source of energy
  • Almonds are the lowest calorie Nut coming in at 160 Calories per oz. Offering 6g protein.
  • Peanuts are brain boasting nuts! Containing Lots of Vitamins & Minerals…food for thought!