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Beware of Lines? The Lines are TRADITION!

Waiting in lines is part of the human experience — it’s one of the indicators that we live in a civil linessociety. Even so, it’s a total pain to stand around waiting for something, especially during a busy time of year like the holidays. At Candyland, waiting in line is one of our oldest holiday traditions — it’s up there with Sponge Candy and Peppermint Bark. Stepping into a Candyland store during a holiday rush is an experience all of its own. The rush of warm air right when you step in and stomp the snow off of your boots smells of sweet caramel corn, and classic holiday music fills the air. You hear the friendly chatter of your fellow waiters, and you settle in to wait for that sweet treat you’ve just got to get. The rhythm of the air popper keeps time, and you watch bags and boxes and tins getting filled and leaving the store in droves. The line moves along, and everyone from toddlers to senior citizens shuffles forward together.  Customers have waited in these lines each year, one year older and wiser each time, but still craving the sweet treats that only Candyland can give! Whether you’re giving a gift or grabbing something for yourself, next time you’re waiting in a classic Candyland rush, be sure to take a moment and appreciate the sweet, traditional experience.