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Build your Dream Gingerbread House- Candyland Style

by Ariel (

Candy Foundation

Whether you’ve bought a ready-made gingerbread house or building your own from scratch, we all know the exciting part is decorating your house with all your favorite festive candyland treats!

Go Candy Crazy

To create a creative, bright, unique gingerbread, you’re gonna need Candyland’s help- we’ve got you!

Our wide variety of candy selections will ensure they’ll be no other house like yours on the block!

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

You don’t need a large amount of each candy to make your beautiful dream gingerbread house.

We’ve made it easy for all your gingerbread house needs whether you are making one house or throwing a gingerbread house making party with candyland’s minimum $1 per candy purchase! But always factor in the “One for the Ginger bread house & One piece for you” action, you know thats you. 

So, come on in to one of our four store locations to get your creative holiday decorating ideas flowing!

Candyland Shopping List:

  • Gumdrops (and or spicettes)
  • Shoestring Licorice (great for siding/sidewalks)
  • Christmas Tree Pretzels (exterior decor)
  • Mini Candy Canes
  • Chocolate Rocks — Great for Chimneys & Stone walkways!
  • Sugar Plums, c’mon..They’re SUGAR PLUMS! 
  • Starlite Kisses
  • Spearmint leaves (greenery)
  • Cinnamon Bears (so cute, anywhere!)
  • Handmade Ribbon Candy
  • Red and Black Raspberries
  • Chocolate presents
  • Snowballs
  • Red and green bells/tree candy
  • Bag of Chicago Mix(R)! Not for the ginger bread house, but for enjoyment during build time!

Share Your Sweet Designs

We want see your creatively delicious homes! Post your Candyland inspired gingerbread house ideas and pictures on our fb page [gdlr_button href=”″ target=”_self” size=”medium” background=”#000000″ color=”#ffffff”]@Candyland1932[/gdlr_button]

We know it’s chilly, but we’d love to see you in one of our four conveniently located Candyland locations this season, or you can always visit us online store at today to get your fix!

Share in the sweetness all season long @Candyland1932 #ChicagoMix(R)

Ginger Bread House 1

Ginger Bread House 1

House built on a love for Licorice Shoestrings!

Ginger Bread House

Ginger Bread House

Cinnamon Bears and Spearmint Leaves in the window-yum!