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Emma’s Sweet Share

Emma is an original Stillwater team member when we opened our doors in the summer of 2012! She’s currently studying away at college & on school breaks can be found working in our Stillwater store! Heres a little share from her,

Emma's First Day!

Emma’s First Day!

“I have been working at Candyland since I was fifteen years old — going on 5 years now. That’s 4 and a half years of telling confused and amused customers what a Squirrel Turd is (a puffed pretzel with peanut butter). 4 and a half years of listening to my friends complain about their retail jobs and grinning because my job comes with free candy! 4 and a half years of walking in parades, serving at Summer Tuesdays, and filling tins for the holidays. Over all of this time, however, my favorite part of working at Candyland has been serving kids.

I can’t lie — there have been a lot of people who come in and joke about feeling like ‘a kid in a candy store.’ These people are on to something — kids in candy stores really are excited in a totally infectious way. It always makes my day to hand a toddler a lollipop bigger than their head and to see them light up with glee, or to hand a school age kid a bag of Gummi Worms and see them practice saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to me. I’m lucky in that everyone that I serve at my job is genuinely excited for the products I get to give them, but nothing compares to those kids as they dig into their sweet haul.
Candy makes everyone happy. I love being able to bring a little joy into people’s days. Sometimes the shifts feel long, or sometimes I get tired — but seeing the big, genuine smile on a child’s face as they open up their bag of popcorn — that makes it all worth it. ”

by Emma F.